Jen Noble

Divisional Administrative Support Coordinator

Jen brings a diverse work history to her position at MOUNTAIN, LTD™.  From hospitality management and sales to print media, key to her successes so far has been the ongoing belief that attention to detail and a commitment to the relationships she builds yield the best results.


Jen grew up just outside Manhattan, on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.  Her typical suburban life was accented by family trips to national parks, where being in the Sierra Nevada and Rocky mountains sparked a variety of life-long interests. After graduating from Clark University with a BA in psychology, Jen’s love of skiing and hiking drove her to the Intermountain West. There she spent ten years as a “front of the house” person in Utah’s ski resort and hotel industries, serving the tourist and business sectors.


Until August 2008, and for the seven and a half years prior, Jen had the unique challenge of working from home.  As editor, publisher and lead advertising sales associate for Parent & Family newspaper, the timeline of her professional accomplishments was punctuated by her children’s milestones and the rigors of daily life. Balancing meeting deadlines with meeting family needs, Jen successfully managed the P&F team, all of whom also worked from their homes.


Jen lives with her husband, two boys and their thirteen year old cat Kitty. Long a believer in the mind-body connection, Jen enjoys playing outside; skiing, biking and hiking when she can.