Quality Speaks For Itself

"It has been a pleasure working for MOUNTAIN, LTD.™.  Marley was always there to answer any questions, and was always willing to help in any way possible. MOUNTAIN always made me feel valued and appreciated. I am grateful for their cooperation and support from all the staff at MOUNTAIN."
Ted Drake 

"I work for a multi-state, multi-region telecommunications provider. I needed flexible, qualified, just-in-time engineering resources to augment our staff to support everything from large fiber builds to small line extensions. I called the folks at MOUNTAIN, LTD. and they provided exactly what I expected at an affordable price. As time has gone on, I've found more and different ways to use these resources to help provide services to customers and improve our network. I couldn't effectively operate in the fast paced market we're in today where everyone is trying to do more with less if I didn't have MOUNTAIN LTD. as a partner."
E.B, Manager
Voice and internet provider

"Over the past year, MOUNTAIN, LTD.has been instrumental in helping to complete several key projects. One example has been MOUNTAIN LTD.’s involvement in Public Service Commission mandated projects.  Another example involved a major project that MOUNTAIN LTD. provided engineering services as well as Project Management services, for a very large project…MOUNTAIN LTD. has proven to be a successful partner …"
J.A., Manager
OSP Engineering and Planning

"I work with MOUNTAIN, LTD.™ on our engineering contracting needs for the Outstate portion of Illinois. In the June, July timeframe we had a large fiber to the cell build - at the same time we were switching engineering contract vendors. MOUNTAIN worked hand in hand with me in order to complete the build… took over more work than originally agreed to, committed to short time frames and made those dates…"
RBOC Engineering Manager

"...I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into making sure I am happy with the service MOUNTAIN LTD.™ provides. You have bent over backwards to find more drafters for my office, and even made the trip out to my location so that we could meet. This was very nice to be able to put a face with the name. Thanks and keep it up! "
Administrative Manager, Construction and Engineering 
RBOC Mid-West Outstate Drafting

Not only has MOUNTAIN, LTD™ sent me quality applicants to interview, but they have done a great job of 'scrubbing' the candidates so that the interview was not a waste of my time. Speaking of time, thank you for promptly returning phone calls and getting answers to all my questions. I look forward to working with you..."
Major Telecom Company
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