29 Mar 2019
Event Review South Wireless Summit

Event Review: South Wireless Summit

MOUNTAIN staff has been busy traveling all over the states in the last couple of weeks. Between business meetings, conferences, and presentations, we have some exciting stories on the forefront. Last week, some of the staff from our wireless division in Cary, North Carolina attended the South Wireless Summit where they had the opportunity to meet with some current and potential clients as well as engage in discussions surrounding the future of wireless business structures.

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23 Mar 2019
Special Feature MOUNTAIN Celebrates 40 Years

Special Feature: MOUNTAIN Celebrates 40 Years

Today marks 40 years since MOUNTAIN was established by Joseph Hosmer back in 1979. MOUNTAIN, along with the telecom industry, has changed dramatically over the course of time. If you don’t know the story of MOUNTAIN, it all started out with a camera. In 1979, Joseph Hosmer, with a camera strapped to his shoulder and […]

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14 Mar 2019
Guest Post - Spotlight on Careers in STEM

Guest Post: Spotlight on Careers in STEM

The infusion of technology is bringing our world together. Innovation, automation and the interconnectivity of how we work, play and live is driving an increased need for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills in all aspects of our lives. This increased need has led to a shortage of STEM talent in the US. A recent Emerson survey reveals that two out of five Americans believe the shortage of STEM workers is at a crisis level.

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06 Mar 2019
Project Highlight Pole Loading Project Success Continues

Pole Loading Project Success Continues

Overview In the 4th quarter of 2017, one of MOUNTAIN’s biggest clients had been receiving an influx of CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) requests to attach to aerial infrastructure on telephone poles. These attachments include fiber, small cell, and other telecom equipment. As the project continued to grow, the client identified MOUNTAIN as a key […]

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