03 Aug 2021

Employee Spotlight – Darlene White

Darlene is a Fiber Engineer & Planner who has been part of the MOUNTAIN, LTD. family for 12 years! During that time, she has earned endless praise from her supervisors, peers, and clients for always going the extra mile and providing the best support. Notably, she helped develop a training curriculum to assist new planners completing fiber overlay. Darlene has also diversified her skillset by learning the planning functions for multiple clients. It’s not uncommon to meet with a client to discuss a project and have them ask “Is Darlene available for this?”

Darlene enjoys the variety in her position at MOUNTAIN, LTD. Some days comprise mainly of solo desktop engineering, and other days are spent collaborating with team members through video conferencing. Sometimes Darlene works on several projects in a single day, and sometimes she works a single project over several days! Her favorite part about her job, though, is the flexibility. Working at MOUNTAIN has allowed her to drop off and pick up her children from school, attend school functions, or take them to appointments.

We asked Darlene to share something she is proud of. This is what she had to say: “I love it when I’m able to help solve a problem.  Whether that’s a carrier system being down and the techs in the field calling me to find a new fiber count or fix a LEEP package to restore service, or a client calling saying they need a particular job done immediately to get it moved on to design and construction. The relationships I build with the people I work with, being known as someone who removes roadblocks or can help solve problems, is what I’m most proud of.”

Q & A:

What do you like to do outside of work?

– Spend time with my kids, watch lacrosse, go to plays, and anything dog related.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

– My family and I are currently raising our 8th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Lightning Round! What is your Favorite:

  • Movie: We don’t watch a lot of movies; Two I can think of are Hidden Figures and Good Will Hunting
  • TV Show: Currently watching NCIS LA
  • Song: Anything Hamilton
  • Food: Mexican, Italian, American, Dessert… I’m not picky
  • Quote: “Do the best you until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou.