04 Nov 2019
Employee Spotlight - Darryl Ray Header

Employee Spotlight – Darryl Ray

MOUNTAIN is fortunate enough to have a lot of project managers that work all over the United States who take on a variety of work. Often times this work varies in scope and practice, but our PMs take on these new branches of engineering and find solutions to work with our clients in the most innovative and effective ways. One of our project managers who receives constant praise from our clients is Darryl Ray. Darryl has been instrumental in several large scale projects, including the Connecticut Pole Loading Project . This month, we wanted to put the spotlight on Darryl, and get to know him a little better.

How long have you been working at MOUNTAIN, LTD.?

Coming up on my two-year anniversary at the end of the year.

What position/s do/have you had at MOUNTAIN?

Project Manager

What is your favorite thing about working for MOUNTAIN?

The feeling of being part of the family. I have witnessed not only personally but with other MOUNTAIN employees that have had some type of issue arise, the genuine concern for them as a person. Knowing that you are part of the family drives you to perform at your best.

What is one of your greatest professional highlights?

Really no one highlight. Our industry is ever-changing with technology and I have always taken pride in educating myself with the latest technology and trends in our industry. This is very important for us to continue to be the “go-to” vendor for our clients.

Darryl Ray in his office
Darryl Ray – November 2019 Employee Spotlight

What are some opportunities that have come your way as a result of working at MOUNTAIN?

I have had the opportunity to support several different projects and clients. I always enjoy the challenge of determining and implementing processes to help make a project successful.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We have scheduled client calls and internal calls, then work on the issues of the day. To me, this is the fun part of the job, no two days look the same. There is always a new challenge.

What is something you’ve learned at MOUNTAIN that you never thought you would?

Have fun with your job!

Tell us a story about a MOUNTAIN experience.

I traveled to Maine for meetings that resulted in the need to stay through the weekend. Co-workers made sure I was not bored in a hotel room! I was able to visit Mt. Washington and take in the beauty of the area. Just another example of the MOUNTAIN family atmosphere. 

What do you like doing outside of work?

Spend time with my family. Our children are growing up rapidly, so my wife and I like to plan fun activities with them, whether it’s a family movie night at home or a trip to the coast to have quality time together.

What are you passionate about?

To be the best person you can be, whether it’s professionally or personally. Always strive to learn and improve.

What is your favorite movie?

Big Fish. The small-town courthouse in one of the scenes is actually where my wife and I got married 😊.

Thank you for all you do, Darryl!