17 Dec 2021

Employee Spotlight – Frank Willis

This month’s Employee Spotlight features MOUNTAINEER Frank Willis! Over the past 5 years, Frank has made his mark as an Engineering OSP Engineer, ISP Engineer, & Network Planner. He is considered an Engineering Subject Matter Expert (SME), specializing in Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) work.

Frank leads a team of our finest engineers, completing crucial MDU projects for our Clients. He is the point of contact for any issues that arise and collaborates with his team to provide solutions for both MOUNTAIN and Client teams. The camaraderie and culture at MOUNTAIN is one of Frank’s favorite parts of his job. Whether working with local or remote teams, he knows he has the support and resources to provide the best work for our Clients.

Having worked for MOUNTAIN for several years, Frank has played an integral role in the success of many projects. His commitment to the job and ambition to succeed has played an importing part in our growth and expansion in key markets. Due to Frank’s attention to detail, the projects he leads naturally require little to no corrections. Even as Client guidelines change and procedures fluctuate, Frank maintains an impeccable level of support, which has garnered praise and appreciation from our Clients.

Frank’s peers and leaders have great respect for the work he puts forward daily; he is regarded as a professional in every aspect of his job. Thank you for all your hard work, Frank! The results you have achieved speaks for itself, and we are excited to watch your continued success at MOUNTAIN.

Q & A:

What do you like to do outside of work?

– Gardening, hunting, and fishing.  I am a certified WV Master Gardner.  I work with other Master Gardner’s at the WV State Fair Demonstration Garden.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

– I have two children, both are doctors.  Anyone that knows me, knows about my children.  They are mine and my wife’s greatest accomplishment.

Lightning Round! What is your Favorite:

  • Movie: McClintock
  • TV Show: Yellowstone
  • Song: Dream Weaver – Gary Wright
  • Food: Anything grilled
  • Quote: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” – H. Ross Perot

Thank you Frank, for all you do for MOUNTAIN!