29 Mar 2023
Employee Spotlight Mark Snyder

Employee Spotlight – Mark Snyder

This month’s Employee Spotlight is shining on Mark Snyder, a Quality Manager who’s been with MOUNTAIN, LTD. for nearly seven years. Mark started as an OSP Design Engineer and has climbed his way up MOUNTAIN to his current role.

On the day-to-day, Mark reviews designs other engineers have been working on, and gives them feedback or other direction. Mark asks, “What’s in the system, and what needs to be in the system before we can do it in real life?” He also interfaces with clients to discuss standards and develop plans, then passes the information along to MOUNTAIN teams. Most of the projects that Mark reviews are Business As Usual, or BAU designs.

When a client recently developed a new set of standards for fiber builds, many designs needed to be updated. Mark read every document he could find, and even reached out to individuals developing the new standards. He’s become MOUNTAIN’s expert on these projects and conducts trainings to educate others.

Mark was recently recognized at MOUNTAIN’s 2022 Year End Awards with the Precision Award. “It was an honor to hear that I was appreciated for the work that I do because I put so much time towards it, you know, to really understand it and pass along all the information that I know in every possible way that I can.”

When he’s not working, Mark enjoys doing housework, spending time with his family, hiking and dirt biking. His workday is mostly spent on the computer, so he says it feels good to be doing something with his hands outside of work. Mark owns two Bernese Mountain dogs who work with his young kids to keep him busy.

Thank you, Mark, for all that you do!