23 May 2019
Special Feature - EA Chosen for Opportunity at Boeing

Engineering Intern Chosen for Selective Opportunity at Boeing

Over the last couple of summers, MOUNTAIN had the opportunity to work with several college-aged engineering interns who contributed to nationwide projects we were working on in Meridian, Idaho. One of those interns, Kaylee Oyler, was recently offered a selective opportunity (only 30 selected) internship at The Boeing Company in their Interior Cargo Group. We are proud of Kaylee’s accomplishments and excited to see what she does at her time with The Boeing Company.

Kaylee shared some information about her new opportunity and reflected on her time with MOUNTAIN.

Kaylee Oyler, former MOUNTAIN, LTD. engineering intern prepares for her next opportunity at The Boeing Company.
Kaylee Oyler, former MOUNTAIN, LTD. engineering intern prepares for her next opportunity at The Boeing Company.

When did you start as an intern at MOUNTAIN & how long were you here for? 

I worked as an Engineering Intern for MOUNTAIN for two consecutive summers (May 2017 – Aug 2017 and May 2018 – Aug 2018). I began working here at the end of my Freshman year of college at Montana State University, and again over the summer after my Sophomore year. 

What were your work responsibilities / what did you do while at MOUNTAIN?

While interning at MOUNTAIN, I worked on and assisted the office engineers on a variety of jobs and projects located throughout the northwestern United States. 

My first summer was spent creating informational maps of new and proposed telephone service wire routes to up-and-coming neighborhoods. These maps would contain information on the origin of the telephone route, the location of the actual wire on specific power poles, and would be sent to the local power company for its approval to be implemented. I also got to experience a variety of fieldwork during this first year. I rode along with coworkers to learn more about and see first hand the inner workings of power poles and the wiring of electrical cabinets through the city. 

My second year of the Internship was focused more on the oversight of the entire design and installation process. I was in charge of tracking and managing the progress of the telephone service installation in the hundreds of new neighborhood areas in Boise, Idaho. This oversight covered everything from initial proposal to the final installation of the service wires. After different groups within MOUNTAIN would finish their specific tasks regarding a neighborhood, I would route the job to the next team in line and update the company software in regards to job status. I would also help to distribute weekly progress reports to associate construction and electrical groups. 

What was your favorite thing about working for MOUNTAIN?

My favorite thing about working here was the mentorship I received from some of the senior engineers in the office. It was a pleasure to get to learn from these people on a daily basis. They taught me things that only someone with years and years of experience could know and set wonderful examples as to what a dedicated employee should look like. I have always been one to believe that learning for your elders is the best way to start something new, and the MOUNTAIN members I had the pleasure to work with exceeded my expectation in this area. 

What is something you learned while at MOUNTAIN that you never thought you would?

The most surprising thing I learned at MOUNTAIN was how to navigate a positive and productive office environment. I was able to experience how to network with people of all ages and backgrounds, communicate with the employee’s inside and outside of the office, and find my place within a larger team of people during my internship. Not only did I learn about the type of office and environment than an engineer would be apart of, but MOUNTAIN set a very high standard for what I hope my future workplace will be like. The people I was working with were very kind and welcomed me with open arms. They were more than helpful and willing to answer my questions and teach me with patience and ease. From now on I will walk into any job I have with high expectation as to what kind of office I want to be a part of!

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Tell us about what you will be doing at Boeing.

During my upcoming internship with The Boeing Company, I will take all the knowledge I have gathered during my time at MOUNTAIN to continue my engineering career. As a part of the interior cargo group, I will be teaming up with coworkers on active projects, ensuring the overall security and safety of cargo systems, and working closely with customers to make sure their goals can be reached with our final products. All of these job responsibilities were first introduced to me at MOUNTAIN, making me prepared and ahead of the curve in this new position. This internship never would have been possible without the doors that my experience at MOUNTAIN has opened for me.

Thank you Kaylee for your hard work during your time at MOUNTAIN and good luck with your new internship!