11 Aug 2019
Special Feature - Shark Week

MOUNTAIN Celebrates Shark Week With A Bite

We have fun at MOUNTAIN – a LOT of fun. Our motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard” for a reason, and sometimes we get to do both at the same time. Several of the events we host throughout the year add a little competition into the mix for certain staff members. Shark Week is one of those occasions. Recruiters, sales staff, and several other teams compete against a set of metrics to be able to win prizes throughout the shark-infested week. Hitting these metrics allowed them to receive clues to a scavenger hunt in the New Gloucester, ME office building. Those who missed the mark received ” chum clues” which led them on a wild shark chase for their The competition was tough but Michelle DiEmedio (Recruiter) (with some help from one of our new employees Eurana McGrath (Billing Specialist)) took first place, and despite only getting his chum clues, Charlie Rittershaus (Recruiter) made it to second place!

Angela Blackington getting into shark week.

We had a lot of fun celebrating Shark Week (which is one of our COO’s favorite weeks of the year), playing shark bingo, giving away shark goodies, and engaging in some friendly competition.

This year we have heard about sharks constantly on the news; sighting, attacks, and migration patterns.  MOUNTAIN, LTD. like the image shown in this email is consistently is battling to stay ahead in the Telecom and Staffing industry.  Here are some of our Great White Shark facts for MOUNTAIN employees from our office manager:

  • 600 contractors are paid weekly, leaving the F&A team chomping at their bits to ensure accuracy and job numbers for every task
  • 15 to 250 invoices are processed for billing purposes
  • An average week has the recruiters completing 1054 telephone dials.  That is is an average of 175 calls per person.  (Their fins must be tired)
  • Billing team processes invoices for 2,800 projects
  • MTN managers have traveled over 43,286.2 miles in the month of July over nine different states to ensure our name is known, staying ahead of problems and recognizing our employees.
  • The engineering team has completed 150-200 projects a month
  • Countless other support projects, onboarding, sales, and staff with metrics that can’t be quantified but are critical to our success.

Thank you, everyone, for participating, challenging yourself, and sharing in some friendly competition. Until next year!