31 Dec 2017
Survivor Challenge Food Drive

MOUNTAIN, LTD. Recognized by ITPA for Humanitarian Efforts

MOUNTAIN, LTD. was recently recognized by the ITPA (Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association), for their work in the Down East Chapter for several awards relating to community involvement and humanitarian efforts. Over the 2017 year, MOUNTAIN organized a variety of events including the annual holiday giving a tree, hurricane relief aid, homeless outreach, and several food bank donations. MOUNTAIN & the Down East Chapter hosted the 28th annual ITPA golf tournament and silent auction that raised money for scholarships and donations to local charities. MOUNTAIN & the Down East Chapter are happy to receive these honors at the upcoming ITPA Annual Assembly on April 29th, 2018 in Tampa, FL. Our very own Gregg Klatsky, Director of Business Development at MOUNTAIN and Director at large for the ITPA will accept the award on behalf of the Down East Chapter.

MOUNTAIN prides itself on giving back to the community, and the events planned over 2017 are just a small reflection of the work we can do to better the lives of others around us when we all work together. Here’s to more projects and more involvement in 2018.

Awards Received:

Spirit of Service – 1st Place (28th Annual Golf & Silent Auction)
National Project – 1st Place (Battleship Hurricane Relief)
Pioneer Choice – 2nd Place (MOUNTAIN Giving Tree)
Human Services – 2nd Place (Survivor Food Challenge)
Life Enrichment – 2nd Place (Homeless Outreach)

Although MOUNTIAN, LTD.  specializes in engineering solutions for clients across the country, but giving back is part of the bedrock that makes MOUNTAIN thrive. Over the last year, Mountaineers have put forth several humanitarian efforts recognizing the need of individuals or groups within their communities. These dedicated staff at MOUNTAIN who have donated time, money, goods, and heart to help communities not only local to the New Gloucester, ME headquarters, but also in response to specific needs that were identified throughout the country.  Mountaineers dedicated these resources not only as part of their work efforts but also to go “Beyond the MOUNTAIN” challenging others to make a real difference.  These humanitarian efforts were built on the foundation of looking at an individual’s basic needs and finding creative ways to respond.

Homeless Outreach: During the winter months of 2017, Mountaineers collected donations for the homeless shelter at Preble Street in Portland, ME. Coats, mittens, and socks were collected along with bedding and pillows to provide additional help to individuals struggling during the cold in Maine. Mountaineers packaged 40 weather-proof kits and delivered them to individuals throughout the city.

Local Partners:

  • Preble Street Homeless Shelter, Portland, ME

Survivor Food Drive: During the summer of 2017, Mountaineers orchestrated a team challenge based on the popular television series, Survivor. Recognizing that most the contestants on the show were often hungry and in need of basic food and water, MOUNTAIN’s event included a unique challenge that required teams to gather food items that were contributed to three local food pantries. 1,341 items were collected and given to local partners.

Local Partners:

  • UCC Food Pantry in New Gloucester, ME
  • First Congregational Food Pantry in Gray, ME
  • Preble Street Food Pantry in Portland, ME

MTN New Gloucester Group with Donations

Battleship Hurricane Relief: During the fall of 2017, Mountaineers participated a friendly game of Battleship. Different teams had professional goals that they had to reach in order to earn torpedoes. When the game was set to start, MOUNTAIN recognized the need of the hurricane victims and added an event titled “The Calm before the Storm” where teams could earn additional torpedoes for bringing in non-perishable items (cleaning supplies, toiletries, and household items). 847 items were donated that were sent to Florida and Puerto Rico.

Local Partnerships:

  • MSAD 6 Bonny Eagle School District in Standish, ME

MTN group loads up donations

65 Roses Campaign for Cystic Fibrosis: During the summer and fall of 2017, Mountaineers raised funds for the annual Cystic Fibrosis Walk. Coordinated by a MOUNTAIN manager, Mountaineers were able to raise $750 of the $1000 goal for this individual whose family participated in the walk.

Local Partners:

  • Great Strides in Bar Harbor, ME

No Shave November: During the month of November, Mountaineers participated in No Shave November. The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Mountaineers donated the money they typically spent on shaving and grooming to help provide rides to chemo treatments, doctor visits, and to fight the battle that impacts so many families. Both men and woman participated with a total of 9 Mountaineers letting their hair grow out all month for cancer. The group raised a total of $150.00.

Local Partners:

  • Maine Cancer Foundation in Falmouth, ME

Women's MOVEMBER winner

Giving Tree: During the holiday season of 2017, Mountaineers came together for the annual giving tree. The Giving Tree is an opportunity to sponsor a young person who is the recipient of case management services. Many of these youth face homelessness, traumatic home situations, or other adverse life situations. A social worker presented several stories to Mountaineers with a list of items that were desired for the holidays. This year, Mountaineers sponsored five youth and presented them with gifts that they requested ranging from gift cards, to clothing, to books and supplies for the home. The impacted youth were surprised and shocked at the out pouring of love and responded with thank-you cards noting their excitement of knowing they would be warm, fed, and cared for.

Giving Tree 2019

“Worth A Mention”: Each month at the MOUNTAIN operations meeting where management present their team’s progress in the company, staff at MOUNTAIN recognize each other for positive impact within the company.  The “Worth a Mention” could be for something as simple as staying late to get a special project done or for volunteering to do extra to pull together one of the other humanitarian efforts. Once a candidate is nominated for a WAM, they receive a wooden token worth $50 towards one of three foundations selected by Mountaineers for the year. Throughout the office, 3 plastic boxes house the drop-off location for these wooden tokens, so Mountaineers can see the progress of donations throughout the year.

Local Partners:

  • Preble Street in Portland, ME
    • Total Donations – $500
  • Maine Chapter – Northern New England Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Portland, ME
    • Total Donations – $750
  • Jude’s Children’s Fund in Portland, ME
    • Total Donations – $600

Worth-a-mention board

Blood Drives: Throughout the year, Mountaineers participated in several blood drives that happened on the Pineland campus in New Gloucester, ME. The greatest gift of life was impacted by 30 Mountaineers donating during these events with standard and Power Red donors.  Red Cross statistics recognize that 96 lives were impacted by these donations.

Additional Donations: Throughout the year, MOUNTAIN donated to other organizations and charities for a variety of reasons. Whether this was in honorariums for MOUNTAIN staff family members who passed away or for local individuals who experienced a personal hardship, Mountaineers identified several events that merited additional support from MOUNTAIN.

  • Gray/New Gloucester 4H Club – $100
    • Provided an educational opportunity for 4H members to judge and select animal carcasses for their wholesale cuts that were donated to local food pantries. Providing fresh meet and protein for over 100 families.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – $375
  • Maine Association of Homeschoolers – $51.75
  • YMCA – $480
    • Donation allowed for multiple families to utilize classes for their children
  • CURE Childhood Cancer – $100
  • United Way – $365
  • Wounded Warrior – $75

MOUNTAIN prides itself on giving back to the community, and the events planned over 2017 are just a small reflection of the work we can do to better the lives of others around us when we all work together. Here’s to more projects and more involvement in 2018.