19 Apr 2019
Special Feature - MOUNTAIN Recognizes Staff Achievement & Longevity

MOUNTAIN Recognizes Staff Achievement and Longevity

Every other month MOUNTAIN staff at our offices gather for an internal meeting to review financials, recognize employee accomplishments through our WAM Program, and spend some time together (which can be difficult even for people working in the same building!).

The WAM Program or “Worth-a-Mention” aims at highlighting special acts of people around the office. Whether someone helped moving some heavy desks around the office or stayed late to get a special project done, the WAM is a way for all employees to recognize the accomplishments of their peers. Recipients of the WAM are given a wooden coin that they can deposit in charity boxes around the office. At the end of the year, MOUNTAIN gives $25 per coin to a charity that is selected by staff votes. In previous years this has gone to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, homeless shelters, and children’s hospitals.

Recognition of achievement is a part of MOUNTAIN culture through the WAM Program, but also through our longevity dinner and awards event. The longevity dinner celebrates employees who have been part of MOUNTAIN for more than 5 years. This year, we acknowledged 18 individuals whose commitment spans more than five years. Each employee received a special custom-designed wine stopper to indicate how we grow with age.

MTN Gifts for Longevity Participants
Longevity Recognition 2019 Table Spread
MTN Gifts for Longevity Participants 2
Longevity Recognition 2019 Staff Gifts
MTN Gifts for Longevity Participants 3
Longevity Recognition 2019 Wine Stopper

Their accomplishments were described through famous quotes from the Dumb and Dumber movie, mastery of billing programs, their ability to find the right candidates, and their relatable traits to famous Boston Red Sox franchise players.

Each of these honors was presented with the heartfelt commitment that those recognized have shown through early days at the office, long flights, meetings that we wondered what would happen next and the laughter of seeing each other’s personal families grow.

Group of MOUNTAINeers at Longevity Dinner
Longevity Recognition 2019 – Group Photo

The longevity dinner took place on April 11th, and not long after this event, on April 16th, MOUNTAIN presented the 2018 awards (although it may seem late to be doing this, we honor these achievements once we give our final financial presentation for the fiscal year). Awards were given for a range of accomplishments including impact awards (given to individuals who display an incredible ongoing commitment to the culture and mission to MTN), rookie of the year award (individuals who display strong work ethic early on in their career), and awards for largest sales and gross profit contributions.

The following individuals were recognized

  • Largest Gross Profit Contribution – Charlie Rittershaus, Recruiter
  • Largest Sales Gross Profit Contribution – Gregg Klatsky, Director of Sales
  • For Teton’s Sake – Irina Schell
  • Quantum Leap – Shereen Mohammadi
  • Bill Biller Unsung Hero – Shawn Thibodeau
  • Rookie of the Year – Erica Higginbotham
  • Impact Awards – Bonnie Castillo, Michelle Banville, Angela Blackington, Matthew Leavitt
2018 End of the Year Awards Recognition
2018 End of the Year Awards Recognition
2018 End of the Year Awards Recognition with Shawn Thibodeau
2018 End of the Year Awards Recognition
2018 End of the Year Awards Recognition with Erica Higginbotham
2018 End of the Year Awards Recognition

We are lucky to be part of a company that recognizes these moments of accomplishments as not just another day for the individual, but for the team of MOUNTAIN as we grow and stretch for that next hold point to reach the top!

Thank you to everyone who makes MOUNTAIN a success.