17 May 2019
Special Feature - MTN Wireless Team Holds Site Acquisition Summit

MOUNTAIN Wireless Division Holds Site Acquisition Summit

Last month (April 17 – 19), the Wireless Division team in Cary, NC held a summit to share knowledge with each other surrounding a variety of industry topics such as jurisdiction research, permitting, and collocations. Debbie Carr shared her review of the experience.


MTN Wireless Group at the Site Acquisition Summit
From L to R front, Brent Hager, Debbie Carr, Jennifer McMillan, Rachel Lorenzini, Jessica Ryal; L to R back, Tim McKinnon and Jack Allen

The Site Acquisition Summit was a success!  We had a blast and learned a lot from each other.  So happy to be a part of such an amazing team.  With our site acquisition managers combined experience – well over 50 years in the telecom site acquisition industry – we certainly had a lot of experience and knowledge to share.  Jurisdiction research, permitting, collocations on existing structures, Rawland (NSB) research and SCIP completion, small cell training, ground and tower leasing, and RF data sheet/equipment training were just a few of the topics covered. 

Our team building exercise consisted of a pre-Summit personality inventory which was a springboard to our team building project – a cell tower made of Popsicle sticks.   Everyone choose a character from the hundred-acre wood and played that character as we built the cell tower.   Our leader “Christopher Robin” determined that we needed to review our resources first, then start by building a foundation.  “Owl” made note that all permits were in place.  Adjustments were made throughout the process of building the cell tower by the team members (of course, Eeyore said a cell tower out of Popsicle sticks could not be done), and the final product (end of the project) was finalized by the team. 

Understanding our team, how we interact and communicate, is paramount to an effective team.   Our Site Acquisition team is diverse, knowledgeable, communicates well together, focuses on goals and results, contributes their fair share, are organized, and we have fun!   In a telecom world that at times can be chaotic, a highly functioning team is imperative and that is who we are.

Debbie Carr, Manager – Site Acquisition

Thank you Debbie for sharing!