12 Nov 2018
MOUNTAIN Veteran Outreach

MOUNTAINEERS Greet Veteran’s Flying into Maine

On Sunday, October 28th, a group of MOUNTAINeers located in Maine volunteered with the non-profit organization Honor Flight who help transport senior veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect on the memorials around the city.

The Honor Flight Network was co-founded by Earl Morse, the son of a Korean and Vietnam War veteran, and Jeff Miller, a small business owner and son of a WWII veteran.

Earl Morse, Physician Assistant and Retired Air Force Captain, worked in a Department of Veteran Affairs clinic in Springfield, OH. After the National World War II Memorial was completed in 2004, he realized many of his WWII patients would not be able to travel to DC to visit their memorial. Morse, himself a pilot, offered to fly with two veterans to Washington. In January of 2005, he pitched the idea to about 300 private pilots at his local Air Force aeroclub. He proposed the pilots would pay for the flights and personally escort veterans around the city. Eleven additional pilots volunteered. By January 2005, a board was formed, funds were raised, and other volunteers had joined. On 21 May 2005, six small planes flew 12 veterans to Washington, DC for the first Honor Flight. A combination of small planes and commercial flights were used to transport a total of 126 WWII veterans that first year. [Honor Flight]

Volunteers greeted incoming veterans with signs, hugs, and lots of cheer.

Additionally, MOUNTAIN staff who could not be at the airport sent their regards in the form of letters of appreciation that veterans were able to read on their flight to Maine. Thank you to all the staff that came to the airport and wrote letters to share thanks for everything that veteran’s have done in their time served.

MOUNTAINeers also had the opportunity to aid veterans in another way shortly after the Honor Flight event. The event, “Movers for Military, allowed MOUNTAIN to partner with the business “Two Men and a Truck” who delivered donated items to homeless veterans at Preble Street Housing Services in Portland, ME. MOUNTAIN was featured on the the Preble Street website as a dropoff point.

Veteran’s Day is a time to honor the courageous men and women who have proudly served our country. Unfortunately, many veterans are experiencing tough times and need the help of local shelters. As the “Movers Who Care®,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® aims to provide critical assistance to local veterans in crisis with a program called Movers for Military – a collection of essential items that will be delivered to veterans living at local shelters during Veteran’s Day.

Local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations partner with schools, businesses, and veteran’s shelters to begin collecting essential care items each fall and deliver them to the shelters the week of Veteran’s Day.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is committed to the communities it is privileged to serve. Through the Movers for Military program, we hope to provide critical support to the brave men and women who have made tremendous sacrifices to protect our freedoms.

Staff came together to requested items from the shelter. Thank you everyone who donated to the cause!

MOUNTAIN was able to procure the following for drop-off.


3- Multi-purpose bags
2- Sleeping Mats

Hygiene Products:
8- Women’s Deodorant
3- Shaving Creams
1- Shampoo Conditioner
2 – Packages of Disposable Razors
1- Container of lotion
28- Bars of Soap
14- Toothpaste
13- Toothbrushes
1- Mini Mouthwash
2- Men’s Shaving Creams
2- Men’s Shampoo
1- Men’s Body Wash
1- Men’s Body Spray
1- Package of Disposable Razors
1- Harry’s Shaving kit & razors 

Men/Boy’s Items:
5- Men’s Jackets
3- Boys Jackets (Size 14)
3- Men’s winter long sleeve shirts
2- Pairs of Jeans
1- Pair of Khaki’s
1- Pair Cargo Shorts
8- Short Sleeve Shirts
3- Long Sleeve Shirts
3- Pairs of Boxer Shorts
64- Pairs of Socks

Women’s Items:
3- Women’s Coats Winter
1- Rain Coat
1- Heavy Sweater
4- Dress Coats
2- Trench Coats
1- Pair of Jeans
3- Stocking Caps
2- Pairs of Light Gloves
2- Women’s Dress Slacks
3- Women’s Dress Blouses
3- Pairs of Women’s Underwear
2- Children’s Winter Coats