17 Sep 2019
Special Feature - MOUNTAINeers Go Gold With Office Olympics

Special Feature – MOUNTAINeers Go Gold with Office Olympics

MOUNTAIN, LTD. ended August on a high note with our Office Olympics celebrating all the hard work the team had managed over the past several months.  Those headaches of last-minute deadlines, 300 extra miles added to an engineering project, payroll and bills,  the elite and mystifying request for a contractor with superhuman skills were  placed on the back burner.  We gathered as a family outside to enjoy some BBQ provided by the Pit Crew and home-made peach and blueberry cobbler by Black Tie Catering.

MOUNTAINeers gathered with their team Olympic flags and proceeded through the hallway for the opening ceremony on the Pineland campus.  We enjoyed an afternoon of head to head games based on the multi-tasking life of working at MOUNTAIN.  Have you ever jostled for space at the water cooler in the mornings after that first round of coffee or felt that rubber band hit the back of your head from your co-worker across the way? How about trying to finish that project while being pulled into 10 new ones? We had our version of Water Cooler Polo, Bobsledding, Balance Gymnastics, Curling, Archery, Contractor Sidewinder, Move It x20, Bobble Head, Engineer the MOUNTAIN, Rhythmic Routines and Olympic Spirit donations.

Our heads were spinning, laughter filled the air, and we cheered for our team-mates and talked trash to our opponents.  After the scores were tallied, the top three prestigious teams were:

Gold – Team Tape
Silver – Team Staplers
Bronzie – Team Notebooks

Office Olympics Winners

As much as we follow our motto “Work Hard, Play Hard,” it is equally important for us to give back to our local community. A representative from the “Store Next Door Project” in Lewiston Maine came to campus to speak about the work that they do and share with our staff how our donations make a change in the lives of these young people.  The charity is designed to support students displaced from their homes due to financial hardship, domestic issues, or extreme circumstances to be able to access items needed for daily living and school.  The Olympic Spirit of giving back was incredible and MOUNTAIN was able to present them with:

  • 26 – Back Packs
  • 150 – Pairs of socks
  • 12 – Containers of Peanut Butter
  • 2 – Jelly
  • 25 – Cans of Soup
  • 40 – Cans of Tuna
  • 12 – Packets of Crackers and cookies
  • 7 – Jell-O
  • 75 – Notebooks
  • 20 – Units of Pencils
  • 15 – Units of Pens
  • Highlighters, calculators, & Hygiene products

A big shout out to all the MOUNTAIN management team, who travels constantly but made it a priority to join us in this event and strengthen the family connections we share at MOUNTAIN!

MOUNTAIN Group photo
MOUNTAIN Group photo