24 Jul 2019
Special Feature - MOUNTAINeers on Mountains

Special Feature – MOUNTAINeers on Mountains

As some of you may know, MOUNTAIN, LTD. was founded on adventure in the mountains. Our founder, Joseph Hosmer, started MOUNTAIN as a company for his mountaineering and photography hobbies, which later transformed into telecom services (as that was his background). You can read more about this in our MTN turns 40 feature from earlier this year.

Although those days are long gone, the spirit of adventure, connection to other people, and even the love for the outdoors. Recently, our COO, April Metivier, along with Steve Sanborn (Telecom Operations Manager) and one of our new account managers, Kevin Smith went for a hike on the Manitou Incline in Colorado. Kevin shared a few words about the trip.

MOUNTAINeers on Mountains
By: Kevin Smith

A few members from our management team decided to explore what the Rocky Mountains had to offer while visiting our Littleton office in Colorado.  

Manitou Incline - Top

April Metivier, Steve Sanborn, and Kevin Smith took on the challenge of climbing the Manitou Incline in Colorado Springs, CO.

The base of the Manitou Incline sits at an elevation of 6,600 feet and is composed of approximately 2,744 steps. These steps stretch just under a mile from top to bottom and the grade is very steep, averaging 45%, but as steep as 68% in some areas. The incline gains 2,011 feet of elevation from the first step, to the last, resulting in elevation of approximately 8,600 feet once you reach the top.

Manitou Incline - MTN Hike

Although the hike is difficult and tiring, the views from the top make it all worth it.

Thank you for your contribution, Kevin!

If you have stories of being outside in the world on adventure trips, share with us and we will put you in our next feature – extra points if you are wearing MOUNTAIN swag from our online store! e-mail marketing@mountianltd.com