Our traditional and wireless engineering services are some of the most robust in the nation. MOUNTAIN has relationships with over 1,000 clients throughout the country. We provide a variety of resources from fielding and design to permitting and inspection. MOUNTAIN works with the most innovative sectors of the telecommunication and utility industries to meet all engineering needs. With the growing needs of wireless services, MOUNTAIN has multiple divisions dedicated to wireless engineering projects.


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With services ranging from copper to fiber to wireless to a hybrid of all platforms, MOUNTAIN has advanced through these developments. Utilizing new technology and leveraging our resources working across multiple engineering offices, we have stayed current with our client’s changing needs. MOUNTAIN successfully balances a focus on quality with an emphasis on speed to market.


We provide inside and outside plant design engineering services for telecommunication and utility companies.  Some of these services include detail engineering, line design, strand mapping, telecommunication engineering, and wireless network designs.

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We provide a high level of inside plant engineering and planning, covering a broad spectrum of ISP functions. This includes central office and remote site detail engineering, planning for upgrades, rehomes, and new equipment adds.  MOUNTAIN provides coverage for transport, broadband, MetroE, power, and CAF services for a wide array of client projects.

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We cover all aspects of wireless site acquisition service for our wireless clients. Our services cover new tower & colocations, as well as modifications. These services include: scoping, RFDS, mount analysis, structural analysis, LMT/NPV, amendments, construction drawings, zoning approvals, and permitting.

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We utilize the latest technologies in field surveying, audit work,  pole audits, and any outside work that involves boots on the ground.   We incorporate the latest radar & laser technologies via handheld devices to ensure standardization and accuracy, securing the safety of our field employees while increasing the speed of our services.

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We have a team of experienced CAD technicians providing advanced drafting support to our clients across the nation. We utilize standard AutoCAD and Bentley programs in addition to various proprietary systems utilized by our clients.  We have partnership agreements with companies including MAPCOM, and can complete mapping and CAD services with programs that require geospatial capabilities.

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