MOUNTAIN, LTD. offers a full range of support solutions to help our clients successfully plan, deploy, and maintain engineering projects, nationwide. MOUNTAIN can provide scalability, reliability, quality engineering and on-time service delivery to our clients seeking rapid implementation while maintaining high-quality standards and data integrity.


MOUNTAIN, LTD. understands that providing quality permitting services is based on creating strong relationships with local entities.  With over 50 offices nationwide and 6,500 employees, we forge the relationships necessary to obtain permits for client projects.  We have experience with permitting the following:

  • DOH/DOT projects
  • Bridge attachments
  • Municipal builds
  • Permitting poles for CLECS, ILECS, and RBOCS
  • Underground and buried construction
  • DAS and Small cell projects.

In 2018 we permitted over 25 million feet of engineering.


Many of our agents hold certifications from the National Right-of-Way Association and come with years of experience to handle small or large projects.  We work on public and private right-of-way projects for our clients, and hold several national contracts for our clients to provide right-of-way services to support their engineering plans and growth. Our agents are up to date with their professional licensure, certifications, and training, making us ready for any project.

Wireless Towers and Man with Notebook


MOUNTAIN provides services relating to cabling which include copper and fiber splicing. We provide both OSP and ISP technicians that can perform splicing, maintenance, installation, and repairs for any type of network. Technicians are trained and capable of working with a variety of hardware and tools necessary to complete projects for installation, testing and turn up.


We provide the splicing of fiber optic and copper cable for new construction, repair, and maintenance over a variety of types of splicing from multi-mode to ribbon.


Our technicians work in the Network Operations Center, Central Office, field, and client premises to provide the necessary assistance regarding all areas and services that our customers require.