MOUNTAIN, LTD. provides a high level of inside plant engineering and planning over a broad spectrum of ISP functions. This includes Central Office and remote site detail engineering and upgrades, rehomes, and new equipment adds. MOUNTAIN, LTD provides coverage for transport, broadband, MetroE, power, and CAF services for a wide array of client projects.

Ethernet cables plugged into server


  • Central Office and Node Design, Including Professional Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Company/Network Integration Implementation
  • Switching Applications, Including Capacity and Feature Studies, Trunk Networking Studies, SS7-LNP
  • OS/911-Multi Switch Network
  • Sectorization and Re-home Planning and Implementation
  • COE/node and CPE applications, including SONET, DWDM, DCS, DSL, Multiplexing, and day to day
  • CLR/COR support.
  • Power Systems, Including AC/DC Plant, Distribution and Emergency Power