MOUNTAIN, LTD. is at the forefront of wireless technology expansion. With growing needs for expanded bandwidth due to the development of mobile technology, MOUNTAIN offers close connections with tower companies, which drive the network of site acquisition opportunities. With nearly 40 years of experience, MOUNTAIN understands the dynamic needs of wireless telecommunications.


MOUNTAIN has specialists in wireless project management, leasing, permitting, zoning, regulatory, engineering, and construction/implementation. We offer turn-key project management and site acquisition services for the country’s largest wireless providers and tower owners. In support of any national or regional projects, MOUNTAIN operates all wireless operations out of our offices in Orlando, FL; Cary, NC; Chicago, IL; and San Antonio, TX.

Our staff extends from coast to coast, providing quick scalability to support small and large projects across the nation. In the past 5 years, we have successfully delivered wireless co-located sites, new site builds, small cells, and modifications supporting high visibility deployments for the world’s largest networks.


During the acquisition process, sites are assigned to specific leasing and permitting agents. Pooling resources allows us to have specialists in permitting, zoning, and leasing that leverages our existing relationships with owners and jurisdictions.

Wireless Tower
  • Small Cell – ROW, rooftop, billboards, & others…
  • Transport – Microwave, Dark & lit fiber
  • DAS – Various venues & buildings
  • New Tower Build – Starting from green land
  • New Collocation – Existing towers that are not current tenants
  • Modification – Upgrade / add equipment at existing locations
Man using mobile smartphone.


  • Site-specific scoping & documentation
  • Preliminary & final RFDS coordination
  • Mount analysis


  • Structural, mount, and other required analysis
  • Business terms agreement
  • New ground leases
  • New tower leases
  • Amendments


  • Construction drawings
  • Zoning approval (administrative or hearings)
  • Building and electrical permits