MOUNTAIN, LTD. proudly staffs our organization with the most multi-faceted team of professionals. Whether a short-term project or on-going assignment, MOUNTAIN provides our clients the ability to expand and contract their workforce contingent to their needs.


“I’ve been part of the MOUNTAIN family for nearly 6-years now and every day I find myself more thankful than the one before to call this place my professional home. Finding a place to call ‘home’ was one of the most important things on my checklist when I interviewed so many years ago. At the time, I had recently relocated back to Maine and in doing so, left a position I loved, with a dynamic company where I was surrounded by management and colleagues I adored. It seemed impossible that I could ‘have it all’ again. I mean, loving your company, job, management and colleagues is like finding a unicorn, right? To my surprise and excitement, I found all that and more in MOUNTAIN. In the last 6-years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for a dynamic company lead by management I respect and admire, with colleagues I’m excited to see on a daily basis all wrapped in a big bow of loyalty, pride, drive, love, laughter and fun. Jackpot. It’s easy to overlook the ‘simple things’ like climate and culture when interviewing for a job, but I wouldn’t.”


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Through MSP Programs

Our dedicated internal VMS/MSP management team has over 15 years of successful longstanding relationships across diverse industries, ranging from telecom to insurance. In the evolving landscape of employment, MOUNTAIN continues to be selected to support dozens of national MSP programs. MOUNTAIN, LTD. also works with a variety of MSP systems and tools such as Beeline, Fieldglass, and IQNavigator. We adhere to the MSP program’s time-sensitive requirements in a competitive environment and have the capacity to obtain, review, and submit qualified resumes within hours of receiving a requisition.


Our expansive network of professionals allows MOUNTAIN to find the candidates for difficult to direct or permanent positions.

Our certified recruitment team’s specialized experience enables us to quickly and effectively identify the most talented and qualified individuals for our clients. Deep industry expertise allows us to become a strategic extension of your organization, ensuring all aspects of the position and your organization’s culture are promoted.


MOUNTAIN, LTD. provides W-2 payroll services to our clients nationwide. This service provides access to an extensive onboarding and screening process including full background and drug checking investigations, timesheet processing, and state/federal tax withholdings/filings to ensure full compliance.