21 Aug 2019
Event Review - MTUG Feature

Event Review – MTUG Summit & Tradeshow

Event: Maine Technology Users Group
Date: June 13th, 2019
Location: Portland, Maine
Host Resource:   https://www.mtug.org/summit/2019-summit

Gregg Klatsky, Director of Business Development
Wilbur Wolf, Lead Account Manager
Julian Oleaga, Junior Sales Associate 

Last month, Gregg Klatsky (Director of Business Development), Wilbur Wolf (Lead Account Manager), and Julian Oleaga (Junior Sales Associate) attended the Maine Technology Users Group Summit & Tradeshow in Portland, Maine. Gregg has been to the MTUG Summit in the past, but this was Julian’s first chance to be a part of the event and had a chance to see Julian in action at his first trade show. The event was a great way to catch up on some of the work happening in Maine and trends happening throughout the local business community. Gregg shared his perspective on the event that happened in June.


The show and the exhibit hall was jam-packed with local Maine companies learning about the latest technologies, equipment, and trends affecting our business community. Many of the companies attending the show were there to inquire about MOUNTAIN, LTD capabilities to help with fiber build-outs, project management services, and engineering that MOUNTAIN, LTD. can provide. We made some great connections and new friends with companies like Mission Broadband, which presents expanded opportunity in New England and beyond.

During the exhibit, MOUNTAIN, LTD highlighted several projects and promoted our LiDar capabilities and new project management tools that we have incorporated into our services like SiteTracker. We also continued to highlight our success with our GIS/Pole Loading/Joint Use programs we continue to expand in areas all across the United States.

The keynote speaker had an interesting topic regarding artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and walked the group through his experiences in the industry including the work he did with IBM’s supercomputer Watson with topics surrounding how training supercomputers relates to cybersecurity. The show was a success in terms of new business potential and it was a great opportunity for MOUNTAIN to connect with existing clients.

Check out the brochure for the event here

Thank you, Gregg, for sharing your experience at MTUG!