21 Dec 2018
MOUNTAIN Goes to DC for System One Leadership Conference

MOUNTAIN joins System One at Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

Leaders from MOUNTAIN and MOUNTAIN Wireless joined System One and System One Divisions in Washington, DC from December 11th to December 13th. The purpose of this conference to display all of the exciting work happening across the country within System One companies. At MOUNTAIN, telecom engineering is our expertise, but System One’s divisions specialize in a variety of fields ranging from healthcare and energy to law and IT.

The conference kicked off with a wonderful video highlighting System One.

MOUNTAIN, LTD & NTP Wireless Attending Members:
April Metivier (Chief Operating Officer)
Kirstin Caster (Director of Operations)
Gregg Klatsky (Director of Business Development)
Steve Sanborn (Telecom Operations Manager)
Tuan Ta (Senior Vice President – Wireless Division)
Jonathan Haley (Managing Director, NTP Wireless)
Adam Kauffman (Managing Broker, NTP Wireless) 

Amazing conference that provided new direction from the leadership group. Goals such as: introducing our other business units to get involved with current contracts and clients.

– Gregg Klatsky

The MOUNTAIN team at the System One Leadership Conference in DC
April, Kirstin, Steve, Adam, Jonathan, and Gregg

The team was charged to present, “Who is MOUNTAIN”, and we decided to go a little left of center and create a presentation would stand a little left of center. The presentation opened with a short video that may feel familiar to those who have seen “The Breakfast Club.”

Take a look!

Having the opportunity to share what we do at MOUNTAIN with our System One partners was an incredible experience. Hearing about all of the great things happening across the nation under System One was inspiring and showed us all that we are part of something special.

System One is on the cutting edge of technology. We are helping build one of the fastest Amtrak trains in the US. We have videographers that are sitting and filming the United Nations’ speaking engagements. We are a diversified and almost $1B company.

– April Metivier

We learned so much about the other business units and what jobs they source for, projects they complete and clients they serve. Learned that we provide a ton of services to the government through agencies such as the DOD (Department of Defense), NASA, and the CDC (Central for Disease Control). Very cool work we are doing.

– Gregg Klatsky

This year’s conference theme was “One Goal, One Mission”

Our leaders believe in this mission and the people that work for them. The community culture and feel that we have at MOUNTAIN is embodied throughout the entire organization and with our sister companies.

-April Metivier

The conference was informative and gave a unique networking opportunity that rarely happens. Leaders not only shared their business and passion, but they also shared in some fun with motivational speaker Jim Cathcart and with a guest hypnotist.

At the closing of the MOUNTAIN presentation, we ended with a follow-up to “The MOUNTAIN Club”

We would like to thank System One and all of the attending sister companies for sharing what you do you and allowing us to share a bit of what we do.