28 Nov 2019
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Special Feature – MTN Gives Thanks

This week, we want to give thanks to everyone who makes MTN a special and diverse place to work and thrive. Over the last 40 years, we have built on the innovations of those who have come before us. As we try to make MTN the best telecom engineering services company that we can, we know that our projects and our vision can only come to life with the help of all of the people who make us who we are. With that said, we want to give thanks to everyone all across the nation who give 110% each and every day.

We reached out to our MOUNTAINeers all across the United States to ask what they are thankful for at MOUNTAIN and in their personal lives. What better way to reflect the accomplishments of our company than to share the joy of our employees with our larger network?

Thank you to everyone who shared their words and their pictures for this post!

What we are thankful for at MOUNTAIN

  • Each and every one of us have more than we need, a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear. I am thankful that MOUNTAIN, LTD. recognizes those who do not have these small necessities and gives its employees opportunities throughout the year to give back, whether it be with time, money, or goods, we all are given every opportunity to help our fellow man. We don’t have to seek out volunteer opportunities, they are given to us, and that is truly such a blessing.
  • I’m thankful for an environment in which people support each other, as opposed to a group of individuals who work in the same area yet barely acknowledge each other’s presence. I’m thankful for meaningful work to do and the autonomy to pursue my tasks.
  • I am thankful to be surrounded by individuals that are so incredibly driven toward excellence.  They push me to be a better professional/co-worker/leader/individual.  I feel so fortunate to work with people that recognize that they are changing lives and take this responsibility seriously each and every day. 
  • Laughter.  Laughing-so-hard-I-cry. I’m thankful for new friends who have brought this back into my life. We were talking about being geeky growing up and by the end of the conversation we all were laughing so hard we cried. It was a moment. Encouragement. I’m thankful for the people who have supported me this year. No one has to listen and I’m grateful.
  • What I am thankful at work is- working with a management team that supports me both inside and outside work. As a single parent, it’s sometimes tricky to balance work and life. But the MTN management team have really come alongside me and exercised flexibility and a genuine understanding for our family set up. I am thankful to work with a company that is business-focused and employee-driven. That’s really rare.
  • At MTN, I am thankful for my colleagues, who have turned in to friends. I believe every day has its triumphs and challenges and there is nothing more satisfying than having a peer who can relate to your trials and tributes. They support you in your success and lend a helping hand when needed. The support, from those colleagues and the entire staff in general, is heartwarming.
  • I’m thankful to be working with a special group of folks from many different backgrounds. The people at MOUNTAIN are like family and I’m just blessed to be part of it. I’m thankful for peers believing in my abilities and giving me a platform to share and grow our team.
  • I am thankful for my co-workers at work for always going above and beyond to help each other out when needed especially with all the help of getting invoices into client systems.
  • I am thankful for how incredible all of my fellow MOUNTAIN employees are. Being relatively new to the company, I cannot believe how everyone I have worked with from New Gloucester, Maine all the way to Spokane Washington, have been. MOUNTAIN is one of the few places in the world where someone asks, “how are you?” and truly cares about your response.
  • I was excited and thankful this year to be able to participate in MOUNTAIN’s move to a new bigger, and grander office in Boise Idaho.  I appreciated meeting so many new MOUNTAINeers and having the opportunity to play games with them and enjoy the excitement as they entered the new facility.  I think each of them was thankful for the new large bathrooms that were outside the main office area. J Also, that MOUNTAINeers who were unable to travel here sent their family members by to say hello!  It’s an incredible place to work when we want those around and closest to us to know the people we spend our days with.
  • At work, I am thankful for my supportive team. They are always looking to help out whenever they can and it is much appreciated!
  • I am thankful for Angela and the whole MTN crew for the time, energy and resources they put towards office/holiday events. It is astounding to see everything come together. I am thankful for the recruiting team. My fellow colleagues have been extremely supportive whenever I have questions or need some guidance with certain jobs and/or situations that occur.
  • I am thankful for the opportunity MOUNTAIN has provided me to step outside of my comfort zone and develop additional skill sets. I am thankful I have a team such a supportive team that is always willing to help when it is needed.
  • I am thankful for Shereenie and Stephen Hebb for when needed putting on their headbands, leggings, guitars and becoming rock stars and taking care of business. You can’t be any geek off the street, you have to be handy with the keyboard & phone to deal with some of the jive turkeys they encounter. They make our jobs easier, believe that.
  • I am thankful for laughing every single day at work.  Being part of a team that is hardworking and light-hearted is truly a blessing. 
  • At work, I am thankful for my 9th year with System One and joining my new team here at Mountain Phoenix. I am thankful for a supportive team.
  • I am thankful for the amazing contractors that I work with here at MOUNTAIN. Whether they are early or advanced in their careers, every contribution makes a difference.

What we are thankful for in our personal lives

  • I am thankful for the little celebrations our family has whenever someone comes home. Whether they were just at the grocery store, or at work, we are always so happy to see each other and it warms my heart every day. We also found out our family is growing, and we will be expecting our second child next summer! There was a time in my life, due to some health issues, that I thought I may never have children, but we have been blessed with a sweet, silly little boy, and now another on the way all in just the last 2 years! We are very grateful and humbled to be given so much in such a short time.
  • I’m thankful for easy access to clean drinking water, as over a billion people on this planet do not have this and I feel we take it for granted. I’m thankful to have had access to greater education and the financial support with which to pursue it; I would not have my degree without the aid I applied for. I’m thankful to live in a place where human rights are (mostly) a birthright.
  • I am thankful for the life that I have – for the simple things that I know I take for granted every day – like the food on our table, or for the protection I feel to live in a safe and protected country (thanks to our military), for my family and for their health – and especially for my faith. 
  • I’m thankful for my family to love, new friends to cherish and for another year of health, I don’t ever want to take these for granted. Some family members have been fighting to live. I’m thankful so far they have. I’m thankful for the outdoors. Exploring and having little adventures add up to big ones.
  • What I am thankful for outside work is- my son. I am thankful for him because being his mom has taught me how to be present, how to be patient with others and how to get outside my comfort zone by trying new activities. He’s both my ray of sunshine and thunderstorm. I am so thankful to have him in my life.
  • I’m thankful for the patient and supportive souls that surround me, as I battle long hours at work, followed by long hours at school! Being a part of my life hasn’t been easy on anyone, but I cherish those who are standing by me.
  • I’m thankful for health and happiness for myself and my family. To have a roof over our heads and a warm meal on our plates truly is a special thing to appreciate this time of year. I’m thankful for our military and all they give and sacrifice to protect our freedom.
  • I am thankful that I got to spend the last 7 weeks with my mother by her side before she passed away. I learned a very hard lesson and that is to never take anybody or anything for granted for things that could change in a moment. I am thankful that my family was also by her side.
  • Although it seems simple, I am thankful for my family. The unwavering support and encouragement my siblings and I pass back and forth is a huge part of what motivates me every morning to be the best person I can be. Each of my children that have grown into their roles supporting their communities through their compassion and skills for others.  Another year with my husband and making him work at almost every MOUNTAIN event due to my accident proneness. Our newest family addition that brings us great joy and greets me every day as if I could never do anything wrong, Hunter.  We are proud to be a Foster Failure family!
  • I’m thankful for family, random acts of kindness, good dogs, and lava cake (in that order).
  • Have kids they said… It will be fun they said… I am thankful for my groovy bundle of energy! There are good days and bad days but ultimately he keeps me on my toes and makes me better all around.
  • I am thankful for such a supportive family, and good health. It is important to me to remember just how lucky I am, especially this time of year, and I’m thankful I am able to help those that are less fortunate every bit that I can.
  • I am extremely thankful for my family. My loud, crazy, family is my number one priority and even though we may argue and disagree on many things, I cherish every moment with them. Lastly, I am super thankful for Mr. Cooper Higginbotham. If it is not obvious already, I think my dog is awesome and I love coming home to his happy, goofy face and happy butt wiggles. Best way to end the day.
  • Outside of work, I am thankful for my family and that everyone is in good health. I enjoy making new memories on special occasions, holidays, and the random Saturday afternoon!
  • I am thankful that my family still operates in the old-fashioned world of just “popping in”.  On any given day (almost every day) you will find an aunt, cousin, niece, brother, grandparent, or all the above, just stopping by.  No call or invite needed. 
  • At home, I am thankful for life and good health. As well as my family especially my parents for coming to visit us here in Phoenix from California.