01 Jun 2019
Employee Spotlight - Jen Noble

Employee Spotlight – Jen Noble

For the month of June, our employee spotlight is on Jen Noble. Jen has been with MOUNTAIN for a little under 10 years and works as the Telecom Operations Coordinator in the New Gloucester, Maine office. If you are a MOUNTAIN staff members or employee, you likely already know Jen because she is the lifeforce of our onboarding department. Around the office, everyone knows Jen and her word quips that we all affectionally called “Jenisms”; little unique phrases that have become part of the office culture at New Gloucester. Jen truly is part of the heart at MOUNTAIN and works behind the scenes to make sure the onboarding process is as smooth as it can be, acting as a liaison between System One HR and our headquarters. Jen is a solid rock that helps the gears of MOUNTAIN turn each and every day.

How long have you been working at MOUNTAIN, LTD.

June 29th is 10 years.

What position/s do/have you had at MOUNTAIN?

I started in Sales for a year and was then offered the opportunity to be the Executive Admin, encompassing both the onboarding of new hires and administrative support of MTN Management, as well as companywide. My role has since evolved with MTN’s expansion and growth to today, as the Telecom Operations Coordinator.

What is your favorite thing about working for MOUNTAIN?

There is always the opportunity to make a positive impact, tiny or large, on an individual or MTN as a whole.  Success isn’t always defined by metrics, but also knowing that your boss, team, and company confidently rely on you.

What is one of your greatest professional highlights?

Gosh, so many over the course of 10 years. One that comes to mind is from the spring of ’16. MTN was selected to provide resources for a huge high profile project with rapid turnaround for onboarding to on-the-ground, an expansive list of compliance requirements and a broad spectrum of candidates from all over the US.  Our team truly rallied, onboarding record numbers of new hires within record time.

What are some opportunities that have come your way as a result of working at MOUNTAIN?

I have had the opportunity to onboard hundreds of people over the years who, as a result of their job opportunity with MTN, allow me to be part of their success and progress in their careers.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day can range from tackling the basics of new hire processing, to complex HR issues, to supporting management on high priority needs.  Daily motto is ‘Go big or stay home!’.

What did you do yesterday?

My Thursdays are currently bookended by reporting on various data and the hours between filled with a variety of

must-do’s and requests for onboarding new hires and other operational items.

What is something you’ve learned at MOUNTAIN that you never thought you would?

I have learned so much about the telecom industry that I’ve a new found fondness for the poles alongside the road.

Jen Noble sitting at her desk at MTN HQ
Jen Noble, Telecom Operations Coordinator

Tell us a story about a MOUNTAIN experience.

MTN folklore has it that our office building in ME is haunted. Considering the history of the location of our headquarters, that’s not wholly surprising. Some years ago I was working very late in the office one snowy stormy night…alone…and to this day cannot explain some of the odd sounds I heard…

What do you like doing outside of work?

Outside of work I spend time with my family, fine tuning the ongoing balance of work-and-life. And when I’m not actually skiing, I’m often daydreaming about it.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family, my job and feeling/expressing gratitude daily.

What is your favorite movie?

Can’t say that I have a favorite movie.  I don’t go very often, but most recently I saw Free Solo, which I thought was awesome!

Thank you for all you do, Jen!