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24 Dec 2019
Employee Spotlight Banner - Frank Rogers

Employee Spotlight – Frank Rogers

Frank Rogers has been with MOUNTAIN for almost 15 years. He is an individual who truly exemplifies what it means to be a MOUNTAINeer, and his larger-than-life stories touch so many people. With Frank retiring this month, we wanted to highlight his incredible time at MTN.

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02 Dec 2019
Employee Spotlight Banner - Laura April Metivier

Employee Spotlight – Laura April Metivier

As we wind down the year and look back at 40 years of MOUNTAIN, LTD., it only makes sense that our final employee spotlight of 2020 is the person who has been with us the longest. April Metivier, our Chief Operating Officer, is truly a leader that employees can rely on. Her history, knowledge, intuition, and ability to lead with grit, grace, and heart make April a role model for all.

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